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Quotes I have had quite a few readings, but I don't think I have ever had one like that. I can't put my finger on it but it was like I was hanging out with my college roommate who I hadn't seen in ten years! Fun, fun, fun...and very revealing, accurate and comforting. Thank you! Quotes
Georgia On My Mind

Quotes I have always been rather skeptical of psychics, card readers, etc. in the past and was wary of doing a reading. However, once I allowed myself to open up to the possibility, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Maria did my reading over the phone and I was amazed at how accurately she was able to zero in on what was happening in my life. She gave me some straightforward advice which allowed me to think of the direction I wanted to take in the future. Maria has an uncanny ability to hone in on what's relevant and she does so with great humor and sensitivity. Having a reading with Maria might just change the course of your life! Quotes
Ellie Paul
Converted Skeptic in Milford

Quotes Maria has been my personal psychic for over a year and has never steered me wrong! Her advice is accurate & eye opening. I am astounded by her truly amazing gift to gently guide me on the right path, help me through obstacles & inform me of the great things to come! Have a Reading by Maria--it can change your life!! Quotes
Inspired & Loyal Client

Quotes Maria did my very first "reading" of any kind! I was amazed at how she accurately and effectively identified people and situations in my life and at how she was able to clearly articulate the messages being sent my way! I highly recommend Maria and I cannot wait to connect with her again and again!!!! Thank you, Maria! Quotes
Amazed Customer

Quotes Maria's readings have been on the money. I have had several readings and each time I have come away wih meaningful information. It has helped me with decisions concerning my health and relationship. She even nailed information regarding a football game. Thanks Maria!!!!!! Quotes
Shan H
On the $$$$

Quotes Maria's highly intuitive readings have provided me with additional insights I would have missed in making two big business decisions and in figuring out several personal situations. I was surprised and pleased with how good she is--lots of common sense and wisdom. She has a tremendous gift. Quotes
Colorado customer
Rocky Mountain Hi

Quotes Maria's readings are always incredibly detailed, insightful, and uplifting. As a guide for these larger energies, she brings her own wonderful spirit that is part comforting friend, part sassy sister, and part wise, wise mother. She's simple the best, and I am very grateful for the compassion and generosity she has shown me. Namaste! Quotes

Quotes I contact maria because i was looking for help and also want to know ,what whats for my future .I was so impress very kind person trusted her and some how! we did a very good connection recommend her .i was amazed how she identified the situations in my life and how to make me feel better i will go back again anytime . I had it good experience with her Quotes
amazed customer

Quotes Maria?s readings are amazingly accurate and she provides so much detail! When my life seems crazy, her readings help me center and experience a calmness that allows me to move on with my life. She is fun and funny. Her advice?????priceless. Quotes
Sandy C.

Quotes I have had several readings with Maria and each one has been very personal, reinforcing of positive change, and helped guide decisions about my life in a way that made me feel good to take chances-- with amazing results! Maria's readings are insightful and reassuring. She is patient, kind, funny and wonderful to talk with. Quotes
Working mom in MA