Readings By Maria



Quotes Unsure about next steps in my life and when to take them, I figured it wouldn't hurt to have Maria read my cards and figured it would be fun! I was floored by the whole experience. You choose your cards. Maria says this is done "through the help of loved ones passed". In my case, my two grandmothers, who she described so accurately in looks, personality, and actions my mouth hung open! Maria interprets the cards and tells you things she couldn't possibly know! Helped so much! Highly recommend! Quotes
Lisa Cossette

Quotes I have had 3 Parties with Maria - she has come and read for us and everyone has had a great read. She's great and alot fun. Quotes
Massage Therapist

Quotes Maria has been very insightful. Whatever is going on in your mind she is able to pull it out. You?ll definitely feel better after chatting with her. Quotes
Tony Polito Waltham

Quotes Maria is the best! Straight forward and always.... right. Quotes
Florence D
I love my readings by Maria

Quotes Maria is so very insightful and is able to present a tremendous amount of accurate and true information. She has allowed me to connect the dots in ways (sometimes humorous ways!) that have helped in job searches and family issues. She helps people in a common sense fashion with how her intuitive ways are guiding her. She has been a big comfort at times of change, helping me to think about things that have aided me in making better decisions. She's terrific. Quotes
Very impressed person